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From the farm to your taco

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) --  Some Rochester elementary school students could probably tell you about how the farm is connected to a taco.

Sunset Terrace Elementary School in Rochester partnered with the Spring Valley-Wykoff FFA Chapter on Wednesday to bring in a variety of farm animals.

It's all a part of the Rochester Urban Agriculture program, which teaches students how agriculture connects the world around them.

The students learned how all the ingredients in their taco lunch come from the farm.

"And then outside they are seeing the animals, the tractors, and the tools that are used to produce those parts of the taco," said Valerie Earley with the Rochester Urban Agriculture program. "I think it's cool for them to meet some farmers outside and see the food and the different things we do to take care of the animals."

A pig, beef cow, chicken, lamb, and dairy cow were all at the school for the students to check out.
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