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Hundreds gather at Waseca High School to try and move on from John David LaDue

WASECA, Minn. (KTTC) -- Members of the Waseca community gathered at various locations in town Friday night to ask questions and discuss how to move forward as a community after the fatal plot of a 17-year-old high school student was foiled just days before.

"You know it's very cliche but people say if it can happen here it can happen anywhere," says a parent.

It's a thought sure to be echoing in the minds of many Waseca residents as they try to figure out how a boy described as a "great kid, a little quiet, a little alone, had lots of friends," could turn a whole town upside down.

"The thought of what could have been is shuttering," says one parent.

The boy, John David LaDue, is in custody after planning to kill his family and fellow students, but has left many parents questions unanswered.

"He doesn't fit the same stereotypes as kind of the same narratives going forward. We just don't have that same thing going on here, and it opens up a lot of questions," says a parent.

A number of residents looked for answers at a candle light vigil held at the First Congressional Church Friday night, while others gathered at the high school to discuss how these events have become so common place.

"These are happening way too frequently, and they are unique to the American culture. No where else in the world," says Waseca Superintendent Thomas Lee.

Now they try to figure out how to move forward as a community.

"These kids have learned to greave in times, and such a way that none of us should have to but they are resilient and they are strong," says Lee.

It is with that strength they stand, tipped but not toppled, trying to welcome a new day.  A day that has already begun for the LaDue family.  The sister of  John David LaDue returned to school on Thursday.
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