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Alden-Conger School scores big at Shell Eco-marathon competition in Texas

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ALDEN, Minn. (KTTC) -- At Alden-Conger School, the students are building more than just cars, they are building a reputation.

"I don't think they know where Alden-Conger is, but hopefully in the next few years they will," said student engineer Brady Neel.

They are a student body that fits in one gym, but are revving engines against some of the biggest schools and colleges across the country at the Shell Eco-marathon super mileage car competition in Houston, Texas.

"We compete against schools like Missouri, University of Illinois that's some of the names," said teacher and team adviser David Bosma.

They aren't just challenging these teams; they are succeeding by taking home multiple pieces of hardware.

"We were in competition with the University of Illinois, and I still laugh when they just barely beat us and this little 7th grader walks up to them and shakes their hand and says congratulations," said Bosma.

Some of the colleges have budgets of up to $30,000 for one car.  The Knights produce multiple cars with half that sponsorship budget.  They come away with award winning cars like the urban concept diesel car that can go roughly 455 miles per gallon.  By comparison, that's roughly from Alden to Kansas City.

The total miles per gallon of the car are a mere 30 mpg off the record set by Louisiana Tech University, and good enough for first place.

"It's a big honor that we get to compete against them, and most the time we do better than them," said Neel. 

While the cars may seem complicated to put together, they aren't much different than an everyday vehicle.

"You can store luggage in there," said student engineer Jordan Bute. "We have headlights, windshield wipers, and this is a speedometer, so basically like a car."

The car is even big enough to hold a prom date.

"Well there is enough room, compared to other cars," said Bute with a grin.

It's a task none of these engineers should find too difficult because now they are all celebrities.

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