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Tom's Heroes: Rochester Castle Quilters

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Some heroes change the world with mighty powers. Others do it with a needle, thread and a steady hand. 

They are called the Rochester Castle Quilters and meet every Monday morning, about 35 of them, at the Rochester Senior Center. To join, you've got to have some quilting know-how, basic math skills and a ready laugh. A kind heart is pretty important as well.   

The Quilting Sisterhood has been getting together since the late 90's. They started off with just five women, and blossomed!

Their quilts come in every size and color. Some, made entirely by hand, others with the help of a trusted old friend like an old sewing machine. And while there might be an ulterior motive, like food and fellowship, the real mission of the Sisterhood is to help others. 

"Our mission is to enrich the lives of children and adults, through the gift of our quilts to them," said Mary Hanson of Rochester Castle Quilters.

And some gift, too. The quilts are sold at fundraisers, and over the years, people have paid tens of thousands of dollars for them. The money is gifted to places like Crisis Nursery, and other groups in need with no strings attached.

They're a busy bunch. Not a lot of time to give quilting lessons. If you're brave enough to step up to the quilting table, make sure you've got an elementary working-knowledge of a needle and thread. Perhaps, some band-aids on standby, too. 

The lives of the Quilting Sisterhood are a lot like these quilts: bits and pieces; joys and sorrows sewn together with the bond of friendship.

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