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Local employers seeking applicants for summer months


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Managers at the Workforce Center in downtown Rochester say the forecast for summer jobs is a bright one. Jobs are plentiful across a variety of sectors as those seeking summer employment start looking at their options.

"We had the construction job fair a couple weeks ago where we had several employers, actually almost 20-something employers that came to that job fair and did hiring and are hiring all across the region," says Workforce Center area manager, Jinny Rietmann.

Projects such as the Workforce Center addition at the Heintz Center have companies like Knutson Construction hastening their step to fill dozens of jobs by this summer.

"In the summertime our jobs pick up quite a bit, there are a lot of job openings in the summer," said Marv Stafford of Knutson Construction. "We typically pick up anywhere from 50 to 70 people in the summertime."

However, there are other demographic and infrastructure factors driving the burst in construction jobs.

"A lot of it's dealing with schools renovations," said Stafford. "This year we're foreseeing a lot of new projects with DMC going through and moving ahead."

These gargantuan projects mean more people, which has other businesses preparing, including restaurants such as ZZest.

"So we're going to have all of our tables out here. We'll have the pizza oven ready to go behind us, the bar will be ready to go behind us too. We're always looking for help," said ZZest manager, Breanna Holton, as she looks over the outdoor patio.

To accommodate the summer schedule, ZZest plans to double its staff.

"I'd say at least 8 to get things really running smoothly, and the other thing is too is we can open up our patio a little bit sooner than other people can because we have heaters out here," said Holton.

Construction and the food industry are two areas seeking summer employees, but jobs are also available in the retail, hospitality, health care and manufacturing sectors.

The Workforce Center is hosting another job fair at the end of this month where more than 40 employers from a variety of fields will be presenting to applicants.

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