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Ban on pit bulls has Elma family furious


ELMA, Iowa (KTTC) -- After moving to Elma 10 months ago from Louisiana, the Six family never imagined an important member of their family would not be welcome: their beloved pit bull, Gaby.

The city of Elma has banned residents from owning pit bulls, dobermans, and rottweilers since July 2011.

According to the Six's, the city has threatened to fine the family if they don't find a new home for Gaby.

The Six's said they were not made aware of the ban when they moved to Elma, but city officials claim it is the resident's job to read and comply with city ordinances.

Gaby's owner, Pamela, believes pit bulls garner a bad reputation that is undeserved.

"It's how you raise a dog. They aren't bad. When you are raised in violence, you respond with violence and she has been raised with love. All our pets have," said Six.

According to the Elma city ordinance, if residents are found to be noncompliant, they are subject to penalties ranging from a $625 fine or 30 days in jail.

Pit bull attacks have been notorious in the media recently, and some view the breed as a public safety issue.

In the nearby city of Waterloo, there were reports of three pit bull attacks in one week in September 2013.

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