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Days after the blizzard, road conditions still poor


ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -- There are a lot of words you can use to describe the roads in Southeastern Minnesota.

"Pretty tough to get around on," said Ryan Lennon.

"I think they're pretty bad to be honest," said Hemang Yadav.

None of them are particularly positive.

"I think it's kind of bad," said Kristin Pugh.

"They're pretty horrible," said Jennifer Koski.

It just depends on how mean you want to be.

"Very horrible and treacherous," said Denise Turner.

But just how bad are they?

"The worst I've seen them overall," said Yadav.

Bad enough that between last Thursday and Saturday, the State Patrol responded to more than 750 calls in the Rochester area, and 440 of those were cars in the ditch.

"I've never ever seen the roads this bad," said Koski.

But days later, some roads are still like skating rinks and others seem like an icy preview of springs potholes.

Many have to ask, is there anything else we could have done?

"Without the chemicals and the plowing I think this would have lasted until June," said Larry Klemenhagen.

Some blame Monday's long commute on the nature of Thursday's storm.

"I don't blame the Department of Transportation," said Koski. "They're out all the time and I think they're doing the best they can."

Others say it's not all mother nature's fault.

"I think by now that the roads should be cleared," said Pugh.

It's clear we're fighting an uphill battle.

"The blades can only do so much I'm sure," said Lennon.

And the roads are another bump in an historic winter.

"I haven't seen it like this," said Turner.

"This is my 14th winter in Rochester and it's the worst I've seen," said Lennon.

So we'll just have to buckle in, take it slow, and make it through.

"It's Minnesota so I mean, enjoy it and dream of better," said Ross Wilson.

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