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Ski jumpers soar at Snowflake Ski Club


Westby, WISC. (KTTC) -- Even though the first Olympic ski jumpers don't take flight until February 11th that didn't stop ski jump enthusiasts from enjoying a day of local ski jumping at the Snowflake Ski Jumping Tournament in Westby Wisconsin.

Saturday was the final day of the tournament that featured ski jumpers from all around the world.

The athletes began their decent high atop the crowd and reached jumps of nearly 130 meters.

After all the rounds were completed the crowd threw money into a pot for the winner of the long standing jump.  It is a longest jump wins event that allows jumpers to start as high as they want regardless of experience.

St. Paul's Christian Friberg was one of the many daredevils to take flight, and this event was merely a stepping stone toward his future.

"I'd like to go to the Olympics in 2018.  I think that'd be sweet.  Also, there's this thing called ski flying.  It's ski jumping but the hill is twice the height that this one is.  Maybe not twice the size, but it's big and they go over 240 meters on them," says Friberg.

Absent from the event were the women jumpers, who event coordinators say are competing in a non-Olympic tournament overseas.  It took a long battle, but this year will be the first year that women will be allowed to ski jump in the Olympics.

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