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Oregon boy seeks answers to medical mysteries at Mayo Clinic


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- It's a natural reflex that we all do hundreds, if not thousands of times in a day without a second thought- blinking. 

But for one little boy with a rare brain and spinal chord condition, that is nearly impossible.

3-year-old Corban Durant and his family traveled to Mayo Clinic this week from Portland, Oregon to seek answers to the many medical mysteries the little boy is battling.

Since the Durant's are covered under out-of-state health insurance, many of the tests and procedures needed to diagnose Corban will be paid for out of pocket. 

Just one recommended genetic test will cost close to $7,000 to complete, but Corban's mother says the diagnosis those procedures could provide is priceless.

"He struggles. He is behind when he plays with other kids. He wants to play with them and they take off running and he is not as fast as them, or as strong as them. People look at him and ask him what's wrong. And he doesn't understand that there is anything wrong with him," said mother Natasha Durant. 

To find out more information about Corban, his family, and his condition and learn how you can help, you can visit his Facebook page "Helping Corban" by clicking here



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