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Chatfield Center for the Arts seeks to be included in bonding bill

CHATFIELD, Minn. (KTTC)--Since the Chatfield Center for the Arts opened its doors in 2010, it's raised more than a million dollars to keep the arts alive in southeastern Minnesota.  Now, the Center is seeking to be included in the state bonding bill.  They've been excluded from the bill every year since opening.

"The arts is a very old and traditional community function and this carries that into the 21st century," said Robert Vogel, a planner in Historic Preservation for the City of Chatfield.

Thousands of people come each year to enjoy entertainers in this historic setting.  The auditorium alone seats more than 900-people. 

"We haven't found anything that wouldn't work here," said Vogel.  "It's got another couple of hundred years of use for it."

More than $1-million in grants and donations from the community have kept the Center open for years.

"All throughout high school, this stage doubled as a gym and we never really had a theatre of our own to go to, or a space for the band and choir," said Megan Klevan, Program Director for the Chatfield Center for the Arts.  "The whole time, I kind of felt like there was something missing."

There's still a lot of work to be done on the building and now the Center is looking for help from the state.

"We believe it's the responsibility of local people throughout the state to identify assets that would contribute to a better Minnesota, that's what we're doing here," said Joel Young, Chatfield's City Clerk and Center for the Arts committee member.

According to Young, the Arts Center plays a major role in the regional economy.  The Arts Center spends thousands of dollars each year, at businesses across the region, to keep things running.

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