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New Austin Store holds job fair amidst unemployment benefit battles in Congress


AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC) -- For more than three weeks 1.3 million Americans have been without long-term unemployment benefits as Congress is stalled on a deal to extend them.  Luckily, new jobs are coming to southeast Minnesota.  A new store in Austin had a job fair on Wednesday to help people find employment.

There was a steady stream of people coming through Oakpark Mall around two o'clock in the afternoon.    Each person was hoping for a chance to work at the new Runnings store opening up where the old K-Mart used to be.

The interview process started at 11 AM and went until 7 PM at Oak Park Mall.

Lines began to build up, and stayed that way through most of the afternoon.

There were a few people who said they didn't even know what Runnings was, but for them it was simply an opportunity for employment. 

The home improvement store will be looking to fill 60 to 80 jobs at this location.  The jobs range anywhere from part-time to full-time work.

With Minnesota's unemployment rate at its lowest since 2007, Runnings management is hoping the new store will help continue that trend for the Austin area.

"I've heard a lot of different reasons why people aren't employed today and some of them are kind of unfortunate, and if we can help some of those people out we are happy to do that," says Corporate Human Resources Manager Roger Evert.

It was a positive day for many who attended, as a few people did say, "I think I got it!".  Those who do end up getting a job will have to wait a little while.  The store isn't set to open until April.

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