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Minnesota Students save Lego Nation from Natural Disaster

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Toppled buildings litter the landscape.  Surging waves send trucks to their doom.  Rescue planes swoop in to check on survivors.  What once was a peaceful town is no more.  All the citizens can do is look for help.  Luckily aid arrives just in time.

"One, two, three LEGO!" exclaims students as they kick off robot competition.

Students from all across Southeast Minnesota ushered these Lego-ites to safety from Nature's Fury.  The theme of the Regional F.L.L. Robotics competition at Willow Creek Middle School.  A unique way for students to learn about natural disasters.

"I never thought that they could actually be this destructive, but once looking at the damage it's really destructive," says Byron student Andy Lambrecht.

Lambrecht came to that realization after watching team after team unleash their autonomous robots to save this Lego nation, including his own sister.

"I wanna beat them, but I also want them to do good, so, mostly want to beat them though," says Katie Lambrecht.

Like all the Lego saviors, Katie Lambrecht's team had to learn about a specific natural disaster.

"I learned that tsunamis can be very deadly, and the water surge after a tsunami is very bad," says Faith Roughsledge of Byron.

Presentations on what they learned were just one of the criteria for scoring points.  
Most of the eyes were on the performance competition where students saved things like animals and Lego inhabitants to score points.  All for a chance to move on to the next stage.

"While today is a regional competition, there are teams today that are moving on to the state competition, and there are teams from the state that will be moving on to the North American Open," says tournament leader Mark Schleusner.

Today is just one small step for students, but a big step for Lego kind.

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