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Flu now widespread in Minnesota


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- A Minnesota Health Department report released on Thursday shows influenza is widespread in Minnesota and H1N1 is the most commonly identified strained. 

According to Olmsted County Public Health Services, the H1N1 strain is impacting younger adults.

"The reason they think that's happening is because older adults were probably exposed to it back in the '70's or even before that and have some protection from the H1N1 that we're seeing right now. But our younger adults, under 50, generally don't have that protection," said Linda Haeussinger, a Disease Prevention and Control Nurse Manager at /Olmsted County Public Health Services.

And the risk grows for young adults in constant contact with children-another age group at risk of catching the strain...

"Now that they're back in school, that could create more illness and when young children get it, naturally, that illness could be spread to their parents, grandparents," said Haeussinger.

This year's flu shot includes the H1N1 strain.  For those who've received the shot, it's more than likely they'll be protected from the flu.

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