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Metrodome has hosted memorable events over the years

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MINNEAPOLIS (KTTC/KARE) -- As crews det set to deflate the Metrodome's teflon dome Saturday, here's a look back at some of the memorable moments the Dome has hosted over the years.

For more than 30 years, Minnesota sports fans have witnessed record-breaking moments, championships and a couple of dark days in the old building on the eastern edge of Downtown Minneapolis.

"I grew up as a child of the Metrodome," Twin Cities sports writer AJ Mansour said.

Mansour tackled the tall and tough task of picking the Top 25 Metrodome Moments. He says he's gotten an unbelievable amount of feedback, as he picked through football, basketball, and baseball highlights.

"It was tough but it was fun," he said with a smile.

A couple of the lowlights include the Metrodome's collapse in 2010 and the Vikings collapse in the 1998' NFC Championship after the infamous wide left, which left the stadium deflated.

"It was silent. You have the fans that just sat in their seats and just didn't know what to do. Everybody expected to go to the Super Bowl that year," Mansour recalled.

The Metrodome did host a Super Bowl in 1992, and followed it up with the NCAA Final Four a few months later. And those two events came after the 1991 World Series, which the Twins clinched after a stellar 10-inning performance from St. Paul's own, Pitcher Jack Morris (it's high on the list). And not many could forget about the 1987 World Series, featuring Kirby Puckett's walk-off home run in Game 6 (also up there on the list).

Football legends like Randy Moss and Adrian Peterson burst on to the scene under the Teflon, taking the field as rookies nine years apart. Moss caught a couple of TDs in his first game in 1998', and in one of his first games, Peterson set the league's single-game rushing record with 296 yards against the Chargers.

Heroes are also remembered at the Metrodome. You may remember 2006, when 15,000 people drove through a blizzard to attend a touching memorial for beloved Twins Centerfielder Kirby Puckett.

Through it all, the Mrtrodome itself will be not be remembered as very attractive.

"You look at this building that everyone says they hate and you find so many good memories and how fun it was and how cool it was," Mansour said. "It's a love/hate relationship."

It's where the Timberwolves played their first ever game and it was home to the Gophers football team for many, many years.

Come Saturday, it'll only be a shell of the place where memories were made. And after inhabiting the facility for 32 years, Vikings officials say it'll only take about 30 minutes to delate.

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