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Ice fishermen brave the cold to get their catch of the day


LAKE ZUMBRO, Minn. (KTTC) -- With temperatures barely reaching the double digits Tuesday, many of us are probably staying inside at all costs.

Well, a little cold didn't discourage some local ice fishermen from parking their tents on the slippery stuff for some seasonal fun.

Against the cold air, they boldly march onto the sea of white, not knowing what lies in store for them beneath the ten inches of solid ice.

"Just walk around and drill holes, and then look at depths with the Vexilar, and that tells you kind of where you want to fish," says one fisherman, Derrik Johnson.

After establishing their fishing shacks, it becomes a matter of staying warm and playing the waiting game.

"Get the radio going, sometimes you get a football out or something if it's nice, but it's a little too cold today to be running around outside," says Ian Daniels of Byron.

Armed with little more than the clothes on their backs and the rods in their hands, these dedicated ice fishermen rely on some trusty devices to seek out what they came to Lake Zumbro to find.

"This is an FL-20 and it reads up to three hundred foot of water and basically when you drop your line down so you can see your bait, so you can see if you have any fish around it, how deep the water is," says Johnson.

Even with the Vexilar, a nice catch is never just a hook, line and sinker.

After a period of waiting, something yanks at the bobber--and--success. The fishermen braved the cold for a worthy catch.

"You just kind of keep going and hope you find a good spot," says Daniels. "Sometimes it can be tiring but it's worth it sometimes."

Whether they walk away with a slew of gills, or empty handed, the Minnesota ice fishermen will defy the weather no matter the degrees and pack up just to come back for another day.

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