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Rochester running group hits the pavement despite frigid temps


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Everyone has their favorite way to stay warm in the current frigid weather,a roaring fire, cozy blankets or maybe a warm drink.

What about heading out into the weather for some good old fashioned physical activity?

For some runners it's all about getting out and getting moving -- rain, snow or shine -- Monday's temps included.

They'll weather the weather. Whatever the weather. Whether they like it or not.

"If it got colder we'd still be here," said Chris Ramsey, one of the runners. "There would be enough people. Maybe there would only be one or two of us, but there will be some of us that go no matter what."

That's how it goes for the Monday Maniacs.

"One of the best compliments you can give a runner is 'you're crazy,'" Ramsey said.

Even when the snow sounds like Styrofoam and just leaving the house requires our heaviest gear, this dedicated group suits up and heads to Beetle's Bar and Grille in Rochester to start their weekly tradition.

"I've got two shirts and a jacket," Ramsey said. "Gloves and mittens and a hat."

"Two layers on my legs and three on top, and I have hand-warmers inside my mittens," said Gwen Jacobson, another runner.

They have the specialty gear you'd expect and even extra to stay safe.

"So you really have to wear a lot of reflective stuff," Ramsey said. "We wear headlamps. Otherwise cars like I say, they're really not expecting you to be out there, especially when it's that cold."

But it still begs the question: Why?

"A lot of people try to maintain a certain mileage per week so this is the only way to maintain it," Ramsey said.

"I'm actually training for a January marathon so I have to get miles in," Jacobson said.

And don't worry -- they know what you're saying about them.

"They don't think that we're normal," Ramsey said.

"They think we're crazy," Jacobson said.

But this time of the year, when it comes to warming up -- they get to look at all the calories they burned, and they get to have the last laugh.

"Because we can have whipped cream on our lattes," Jacobson said.

Everyone has different limits. Some of the runners there say an actual temp of negative 20 degrees would be enough to keep them indoors, and others say they haven't yet found a day cold enough to stay in.

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