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Words Players Theatre presents "A Christmas Carol"


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Christmas carolers welcome visitors to the Words Players Theatre production of "A Christmas Carol."  The theatre has been transformed into the streets of London circa 1800.  Audience members can eat, drink, shop and mingle with people from the Victorian era before the show.

Then it's off to find a seat in the theaters intimate setting which has been designed to incorporate the various mediums the classic play has been told in throughout the ages-including film, radio and of course, live theater.

"We get a whole different feeling because it reminds us, "I know that movie version!" It's part of the fun of it," said Daved Driscoll, director of Words Players Theatre.

No matter how many times the story has been told, there's something about these characters that resonates with so many....

"It looks like you just stepped back into old England," said Rachel Leibovich of Rochester.

"The thing that they do with the restaurants in town where you can come over and have a meal, it's just a fun evening," said Brad Leibovich of Rochester.

A Christmas Carol will be playing at the Words Players Theatre until December 21st.

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