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Temperature drop may lead to icy roads


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC)--Wednesday night's temperature drop has officials on alert and preparing for emergency calls.

Goodhue County Sheriff's deputy, Brock Neumann, said drivers who stop to help other stranded drivers may put themselves at risk.

"If they try and pull over sometimes that creates more of a hazard on the roadways," said Neumann.  "Their vehicles usually aren't equipped with lighting like ours and it's never a safe area to be on the side of the road during bad weather."

Neumann said crashes due to icy conditions are most common on country roads and busy highways.  That's when his computer screen starts lighting up.

"We can actually see the 9-1-1 call in real time as it happens before dispatch is going to air it. So we can start heading to those locations," said Neumann.  "It really helps during crashes because we can actually see where it's occurring. For instance, on Highway 52 on the really bad areas."

It was just last year on highway 52 that the deputy was nearly hit while attending to a multi-vehicle accident.

"As soon as I got to check the three or four vehicles bundled in the center median, I actually had a vehicle who spun out just behind me," said Neumann.  "I actually had to run to the side and basically hide behind some of those other vehicles that were in the center just to avoid getting hit."

A close call is all it takes to remind a driver of the sometimes hazardous relationship between mother nature and the road.

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