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Salvation Army serves nearly 200 for Thanksgiving meal


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Thanksgiving dinner is the same for many families.  They sit down and break bread with people they love while eating the same food every year.  The Salvation Army is no different, they are just a family of 200.

"These folks become our family, and they really do become our family.  When you walk in some of them know you.  They have been to the Salvation Army for other assistance, and they just say thank you," says Salvation Army leader Major James Frye.

Frye could be considered the Patriarch of this family.  Watching over all of his children, especially the volunteers.

"The volunteers become part of your family.  This is what Thanksgiving is all about, being with family and look around you can see it.  This is family getting together," says Frye.

For volunteer Liz Damico this really is her family including the whole gang.

"Both of my brothers, myself, my sister in law, my children, my nieces children are here, everybody is here," lists Damico.

She has been trying to teach her children the importance of giving back and being thankful for what you have.  Her three girls have been doing the best they can.

"They have been helping with taking drink orders, setting up before everything started, putting out pie, bringing food from the line out to the people.  A smiling face to run around and be crazy," says Damico.

The smiling faces of the Damico's are just one story in the dining room.  Each smiling face has it's own story with many eager to tell that story to an honorary brother or sister sitting next to them, and often year after year.

"You know there's people I see almost every year, not every year.  I think I can thank god for this.  I really can," says Ed Paulsen.

As the meal comes to a close it is no different than any other family because someone always has to do the dishes.  Luckily this group has a small army; a Salvation Army.


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