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CW Rochester America's Next Top Model Casting Call

Think YOU'VE got it?  SHOW US!

You could be
America's Next Top Model

We at CW Rochester believe that the next winner of America's Next Top Model is going to be from our area so listen up, GIRLS and GUYS!  This is your chance to get a modeling contract and become famous.

We're hosting an open casting call for cycle 21 of America's Next Top Model.  You need to be in Rochester at Wicked Moose on Tuesday, December 10th from 4-7pm.

Who:  Females (5'6" and over) and Males (5'10" and over), ages 18-27
When:  Tuesday, December 10
Time:  4-7pm (Please don't arrive before 3:30pm)
Where:  Wicked Moose Bar and Grill
              1201 East Gate Dr. SE Rochester
Why:  For the chance to win a modeling contract ... and participate in the TV series!

You will perform a catwalk and answer questions (see below for more info) in front of local judges.  We'll select three finalists and then one person will be crowned THE CW ROCHESTER AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL.  All three girls or guys will receive prizes from our local sponsors.  Who can beat that for three minutes work? 

But the best part is that ALL girls and guys who attend the casting call will have their audition tape forwarded to America's Next Top Model!  The casting director wants to see everyone who has an interest in becoming a model.  They want to see girls AND guys of diverse backgrounds, shapes, sizes - GUYS WELCOME for the second season!

Don't forget to watch America's Next Top Model Friday nights at eight on CW Rochester.

Basic requirements---

  • Girls and Guys must be between ages 18 & 27
  • Must be 5'6" and over for females, 5'10" and over for males -- strict
  • Producers are looking for males and females. There are more requirements. Click here for full list.

Please read carefully.  This is what you MUST bring with you to the casting call---

1.  Three photographs of yourself:
          One photograph of a close up of your face
          One full-length photograph of your entire (clothed) body
          One full-length photograph of you wearing a swimsuit
2.  Legible copies of your:  1)  United States passport and driver's license; 
                                    OR  2)  social security card and birth certificate
3.  Completed America's Next Top Model application (Click here to download application)

What to expect (your audition will last approximately 3 minutes)

When it's your turn in front of the camera, you will be expected to do the following...

  1. State your name, age, height, weight, best phone to contact you, and the city you want to represent.
  2. Perform a catwalk, strike a final pose.
  3. Pose for the camera to take profile shots  (you will be instructed by the camera person on how to pose).
  4. You will then have to answer a few questions... (ex. Why do you think you could be America's Next Top Model? or What's the craziest thing you have ever done?.)  When answering questions, speak up and be as energetic as possible.  We want to see your true personality.  And always answer in complete sentences.
  5. The last thing you will do is give a brief intro of who you are, why you're auditioning, what you do for a living, and why would you be great from the America's Next Top Model house for next season...remember, we want lots of energy.  (It's probably a good idea to have something prepared.)

If you have any questions or concerns, call CW Rochester at (507) 535-8905 and ask for Kelsey - Rita or Jenn may also be able to answer questions.  Please don't call Wicked Moose with questions concerning this casting call.

Thanks to our sponsors who are helping make this casting call possible...
Wicked Moose Bar and Grill, Hair Studio 52 + Day Spa, and CW Rochester.

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