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NewsCenter Extra: Visions of Rochester - Dr. Brad Narr

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- You travel around the world and chances are, people will know the Mayo Clinic name. It's a history and reputation worth building on.

And it's one of the reasons state lawmakers approved nearly 600-million dollars for economic support of Destination Medical Center.

All this week, we're talking to visionaries about the future of our community as it relates to DMC. Recently, KTTC's Tom Overlie met with Mayo Clinic's Medical Director for DMC, Dr. Brad Narr. Where is Mayo Clinic in ten to twenty years?

Dr. Narr says Mayo's success hinges on whether it can continue improving peoples' lives and providing value for medical care.

"I see us still being a Mecca. It's like what Bill Gates says, 'We overestimate what's going to happen in two years, and underestimate what'll happen in ten years,'" Narr said.

And in those ten years, some exciting things are going to happen.

We already know about Mayo's massive new proton beam therapy treatment facility that's expected to draw cancer patients from across the world. That's big technology.

But there's another technology most of you have right now that could transform how doctors treat you.

Dr. Narr talks about that, plus something that surprised him up at the state capitol this past year while working with lawmakers on the DMC initiative.

Check out the complete interview with Dr. Narr can be found on HERE.

And coming up Friday, he's a longtime city planner for Rochester. And he's got visions of street cars, moving sidewalks and high speed rails in our future. That's Friday, on KTTC NewsCenter At Ten.

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