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NewsCenter Extra: Visions of Rochester - Samuel Prabhakar

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Now that Destination Medical Center has been set into motion, people have started to dream big dreams for our community.

All this week we've been talking to visionaries in our community on topics of architecture, to businesses downtown, to changes in medicine in the next twenty years.

What about technology?

Samuel Prabhakar had been with IBM for nearly thirty years. Just a few months ago, he created his own business, Elite Custom Solutions, which builds medical devices. For example, Prabhakar's business created a copper magnetic chamber that's used to fine tune coils used in MRI's.

Probakar is creating jobs in this community, and has an exciting vision for Rochester's place in the world of technology.

He says Rochester will continue to be an incubator for new technology in the next five to ten years, and a technology solution provider for the world by year fifteen.

"In fifteen years, Rochester and Olmsted County will be a national resource for technology innovation because of key technologies. And creating a network of companies that will work together seamlessly to provide technologies for various solutions. And this is going to happen right here in Rochester," Prabhakar said.

And that technology goes beyond medicine. Probakar envisions a revolutionary change to how personalized technology will shape your life in the near future...everything from shopping at the mall, to picking out your favorite music. The key word--personalization. To hear more of his creative ideas, check out the complete conversation HERE.

Thursday night at ten, Tom Overlie meets with Mayo Clinic's Medical Director for DMC, and talks about the future of medicine in Rochester, a future that includes a device many of us have, that could change how doctors treat you.

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