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NewsCenter Extra: Visions of Rochester - Javon Bea

Javon Bea Javon Bea

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Many things may look different in the next 20 years here in the Med City as Mayo Clinic makes multi-billion dollar expansion plans, and as taxpayers funnel hundreds of millions into the Destination Medical Center initiative. While not everyone agrees on exactly what will happen, local leaders do agree on one thing: we can expect to see major changes in Rochester in the coming years.

All week long, we're talking to some visionaries--leaders in the community who have ideas of what might become of us in the future.

Javon Bea has been a familiar name in the news this past year. He's become a lightning rod for some unwanted changes downtown as the new man in charge of Kahler Hotel Group--four hotels that claim a 75-percent share of hotel rooms downtown.

Bea's vision for Rochester is what he says he experienced when he first came here 40 years ago: the receptivity, the friendliness, the reaching out to visitors, he says, was unparalleled. He wants that spirit again, downtown.

And he's got other plans for the future.

"We're going to maintain the cultuer and history. We're going to bring a lot of that back to life. We'll continue to modernize and upgrade the facilities. As well as bring a variety of new entertainment venues," Bea told KTTC's Tom Overlie.

So what will those entertainment venues look like? Bea is secretive because many of them are still in the development phase, but he did give us a hint about one. And if you're looking for that perfect romantic spot in Rochester, or think there need to be more things happening downtown, you'll want to check out what Bea said.

You can hear Tom's entire conversation HERE.

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