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NewsCenter Extra: Rochester AD 2033 - Visions of Rochester

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- It's the largest economic development project in Minnesota history, and one of the biggest initiatives to hit Rochester.

We're talking Destination Medical Center-- an ambitious multi-billion dollar, long-term plan to expand the Rochester community.

With its lofty goal of transforming Rochester into a more cosmopolitan urban center during the next twenty years, what might we become?

This week, we're talking to visionaries in our community to paint a picture of what the Med City will look like in the year 2033.

"The twenty-first century city is different, in that you can chose to live anywhere in the world. You can live in Africa and tele-commute to Rochester, Minnesota. Why people chose to live in a certain city is because of what it offers. And that's both social and beauty attributes. That's where I think we have a ways to go," said Adam Ferrari, a Rochester architect.

So how should we design our new office buildings, multi-dwelling homes, and gathering places in Rochester?

Adam says we have a golden opportunity now to plan carefully for our community's future. He believe future development hinges on two 'D' words for downtown: diversity and density. 

Coming up Tuesday: He's been a lightning rod for controversy in Rochester the past few months.

His name is Javon Bea, and as the man in charge of Kahler Properties, he's got the power to make some big changes downtown.

What's his vision for Rochester? Check out Tom Overlie's exclusive interview with Mr. Bea, Tuesday night at ten on KTTC NewsCenter.

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