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KTTC NewsCenter Extra: Rochester AD 2033 -- How DMC Is Set To Transform The Med City


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- We've been hearing about DMC for months now, and we know those three letters are supposed to transform our city.

But how is it supposed to work? And how will it affect you? All this week on KTTC NewsCenter, we're going back to basics with a DMC reality check, designed to give you a glimpse of what the Med City will look like two decades from now.

We're going to break it down, make it simple and give you the tools to really understand the forces that will change and shape Rochester for the next 20 years.

Plus, all week long, we'll be talking with area movers and shakers who have big ideas for Rochester's future. What will downtown Rochester look like in 2033? We'll give you their visions for the future of the Med City-- and how we'll get there.

Find out at six and ten tonight, with a special KTTC NewsCenter Extra: Rochester AD 2033 and Visions Of Rochester.

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