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Zack Nelson prepares to go home one month after fall


ROCHESTER, Minin. (KTTC)--Zack Nelson is nearing the end of his hospital stays after he fell 70 feet from a bluff last month.  According to Zack's family, they plan to take him home on Tuesday from Saint Marys Hospital.  He was transferred there last week after receiving treatment at Gunderson Lutheran Hospital in La Crosse.

The sounds of emergency crews and hospital hallways are now all too familiar to Nancy Nelson, a mother of 6, who's youngest has been fighting for his life for more than 5 weeks.

"This is where the kids were born. This is like our hospital," said Nancy Nelson.  "So, we're glad to be here, glad to be home."

Since Zack was moved from Gunderson Lutheran Hospital in LaCrosse, his family has witnessed the Mayo High School grad make huge strides in his recovery.

"This is a true miracle," said Nancy Nelson.  "Just today, Dr. Smith had said that medically there's no explanation--he's alive. And with that, we praise God."

Faith is what the family says kept them strong while they watched helplessly as Zack battled for his life after he fell on September 20th.

Zack and his friends were hiking on a trail near Highway 16 when he lost his balance and fell down the bluff.  It took emergency workers more than an hour to rescue him.  By the time he got to a hospital, his injuries were so severe that he was kept in a medically induced coma for days and even flat lined at one point-but was revived.

Now, he's up and talking again with family.

"Compared to when we first saw him he has come leaps and bounds," said Zack's brother, Luke.  "It's still going to be a long journey but today is good and everyday just keeps getting better."

Through it all, Zack's friends and family rallied together to support him by holding a prayer service and sending a constant stream of well-wishes.

"It's just been amazing how much support the community and the surrounding area has been for our family," said Melena, Zack's sister.

The family is celebrating his recovery by holding a benefit in his honor on Saturday, November 9 from 2-6p.m. at RCTC's Heintz Center.  For more information on Zack's recovery and benefit, visit Zack's page.

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