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Jury finds Trevino guilty of 2nd-degree murder, but no 'intent'


ST. PAUL, Minn. (KARE/KTTC) - For more than eight months Kira Steger's family has had to wait for the justice system to hear the case against her husband, 39-year-old Jeffery Trevino, who was accused of killing her.

Waiting on the jury to decide the case against Trevino over the past two days weighed so heavy on Kira's father, Jay Steger.

"It was the hardest 17 hours of my life, sitting there waiting and waiting and waiting. It seemed to take days," Steger said Wednesday night.

The wait ended just before 6pm on Wednesday when a sequestered jury of eight men and four women decided beyond a reasonable doubt that Trevino murdered Kira. Trevino was found guilty on one count of 2nd-degree murder but he was found not guilty of 2nd-degree murder with intent to kill.

Trevino was accused of killing Steger in a jealous rage and dumping her body in the Mississippi River. Trevino was charged with killing her back in February. Police and prosecutors say there was a struggle inside the couple's home on the east side of St. Paul months before Steger's body was found.

"I believe Kira would be happy. Unfortunately she's not here but at least he's not walking around. He was found accountable," Kira's mother, Marcie Steger said after the verdict was read.

Trevino's family left the courtroom without making a comment but both in the courtroom and out were sobbing into each other's arms.

Trevino's attorney John Conard made clear too where his thoughts were."Everybody is hurting guys, everybody loved Kira Steger," Conard said.

Even Kira's father kept the Trevino family in his thoughts."We know the pain that they are suffering because we went through the same thing and I just want them to know we know how they feel and we have no harsh feelings towards them," Jay Steger said.

The feelings outside of the courtroom steered clear of anger and blame and instead stayed focused on who was lost.

Jay Steger lost his daughter. Marcie Steger did too. A verdict doesn't erase that.

Trevino will be sentenced on November 25th, and until then will remain in jail.

The maximum under the sentencing guidelines is 20 years but the judge could rule on aggravating factors that could increase Trevino's jail time.

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