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USDA meat inspectors in Austin working without pay


AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC) -- Since the government shutdown, only a select group of USDA food inspectors are still working.  The inspectors arrived for work Wednesday morning at Hormel Foods, but the only difference is that today they will not be paid, and won't be paid again until the end of the shutdown.

Inspectors are allowed no sick leave or vacation days, and any time off is considered AWOL.
To make matters worse, because they are going to work, they are not eligible to apply for unemployment like the furloughed inspectors in other food markets.

One resident in Austin we spoke with sympathized with the inspectors.

"They need the money for their family and their own well being.  That's why they are working unless they are dedicated to their job and want to work for nothing, but I don't think they are," said Austin resident Woody Boe.

It is unknown how long the shut down will last, but until then meat inspectors will have to find another way to support themselves.

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