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Stranded deer escapes enclosure at Mpls. lock and dam


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (KARE/KTTC) -- A deer that had been trapped inside a fenced-in enclosure at the St. Anthony Lock and Dam in Minneapolis has found his way out, according lock master Mike DeRusha.

He said they were successful in scaring off the deer at about 8:45 p.m. Tuesday.

DeRusha said he first noticed the majestic 8-point buck stuck inside a fenced-in enclosure on the grounds of Lock and Dam number 2. He figures the deer got there by swimming the river and simply coming ashore in the wrong spot.

The secure area is about ten yards deep and as long as a city block, a parcel of land that's not especially expansive for a deer.

For the past five days the buck had made the enclosure an urban oasis of sorts, and seemed to be getting used to it.

"I came out here to check and see if he was still there and he was laying down under one of the trees just relaxing," DeRusha said. "He was watching me on the lock wall and couldn't have cared less about the cars and traffic behind it."

While the buck appeared to be safe, animal control officials were anxious to see him get back to his normal habitat.

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