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Rushford Remembers September 11th

RUSHFORD, Minn. (KTTC)--At a ceremony on Wednesday evening, Rushford's American Legion Riders Post #94 commemorated the 12th Anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

"Small towns gather when there's a big...turmoil in the country, that's when the small towns gather together," said Mark Smith, a Rushford American Legion Rider.  "This is our way of gathering together to show our support."

With a simple, but profound back drop of an ambulance, fire truck and police car; veterans and community members stood shoulder to shoulder to honor the first-responders who rushed to a scene of chaos on 9-11.

"The fire department, the police department, the ambulance crew. It's the people that saw the danger and they rushed in," said Rushford Mayor, Chris Hallum.  "That's what the volunteers in our town do-we're very appreciative of them."

At the Farmer's Co-Op Elevator Company, the group of Minnesotans bowed their heads in prayer and reflection before the Stars and Stripes were presented to Mayor Hallum.  Then, with a gun salute and a song from the trumpet, the American Flag and all that it stands for was ready to fly above the city.

"I think sometimes we take for granted all the liberties and things that we have here," said Steve Oian of Rushford.  "When you come into town, occasionally you'll look up and see the flag and be reminded of how good we do have it."

As it was raised, many applauded.  Now, the highest point in the city is not the local grain elevator, but the flag which billows above it-a symbol of the courage, heroism and freedoms that still stand today. 

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