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New dress code at Austin High School


AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC) -- It's a new year and a new look for students at Austin High School.

Their dress code just got a makeover, and it was approved by the school board Monday.

Austin High School used to have a three page document filled with specific and sometimes outdated rules about students could and could not wear.

Now students, staff and administrators helped put together a new dress code that's only three-quarters of a page, and it includes these drawings.

They're meant to help clarify the first rule, that students are not allowed to wear clothing that creates a health or safety hazard or is offensive to staff and or students.

Officials say they hope these drawings make it easier for the dress code to keep up with fashion trends.

It also bans students from wearing items that could conceal their identities, like hoods or masks, or carrying bags during the school day.

Students are also required to wear shoes.

Students say the biggest difference is they are now allowed to wear tank tops.

"I think it's more lenient," said student council member Jiyoon Shin. "They have more freedom now that fashions are changing. So I think it's lenient."

The new dress code was passed out to students on their first day, and the student council is working on a video to show all students and post on the school's web site.

If a student violates the dress code he or she will be required to change or cover up -- either with their own clothes or ones provided by the school.

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