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Sod shortage in southeast Minnesota


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- If you're hoping for green grass yet this fall, you may have to wait until next year or until more sod is available.    

The shortage of sod production is a result of our late, wet spring.

Numerous suppliers, landscapers and contractors have noticed a shortage of sod in southeast Minnesota.

Homes in the area have waited in line for more than a month. And some suppliers have even shipped pallets in from Wisconsin to Rochester.

Jim Whiting Nursery gets its grass from Medford, Minnesota and this summer has had its share of hurdles

"To give you an idea on the shortage part of things, this sod takes about two years to be at this level to cut.  So two years ago they seeded, that's why last years shortage came up as is... to get that nice thick layer so that it will cut even," said Chris Graves with Jim Whiting Nursery.

Graves says the shelf life for sod is only about two days, so bringing the sod in from out of state can be risky as well.

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