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Crop tour results


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Results from the Midwest Crop Tour are out and yielding some surprising results, but area farmers say they're skeptical.

The results for Minnesota give a projected yield per bushel of 181.09. That's higher than the three year average.

Area farmers say they're not going to hit those numbers. 

After a cold, wet spring, corn is anywhere from nine days to two weeks behind schedule. So farmers say they could hit that yield if all the corn fully matures, but with the crop so far behind -- farmers say that's not likely to happen.

The corn crop is also better in the western part of the state, where farmers didn't get hit with the heavy May snow or washout from heavy rains. 

That part of the state is where these high projected yields are coming from, but just like Southeastern Minnesota, they still behind.

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