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Flash floodwaters make it inside Mayo Clinic's Charlton Building

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- The flash flooding in downtown Rochester Thursday morning surprised employees at Mayo Clinic when water began pouring into the Charlton Building.  Before long, water was knee-deep in the atrium on the subway level. 

Randy Huston reported that at 7:15 a.m., he had already gotten 3.3 inches of rain at his backyard rain gauge near 14th St. and 10th Ave. NW, which might help explain why the storm water system just couldn't handle the 6:30 a.m. downpour.

Photos from one of the Mayo employees show how the water pooled up outside along the street, then made its way down the stairs and elevators to the atrium on the subway level.  Workers cleaned up the water in the early morning hours.

"I just thought Wow...! I never thought this would or could happen! I don't think anyone did," said Seth Brantner. "It was just a mess all over with water pouring down the stairs and through the lower elevator. I think Mayo handled it very well though and facilities was on top of it. Patients were re-routed and the general operation carried on. This would've been one of the last things I would've expected to encounter while entering the hospital for work this morning."

"While some of the cleanup will continue for one or two weeks, things are getting back to normal," said Bryan Anderson, a Mayo Clinic spokesperson. 

The Clinic got high marks from a lot of people who were just as surprised by the flash flooding.

"I was dropping my husband off for radiation treatment, and the lane into Charlton was blocked off and flooded with water," said Kay Gettinger. "I felt sorry for the two workers wading through thigh-high water trying to take care of the problem. I was also concerned that my husband wouldn't be able to continue his treatments, but Mayo made arrangements for him to get his treatment in the afternoon. We were very grateful for how quickly they took care of things and how they were able to take care of all of their patients--AMAZING job!"

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