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Austin reviews 3 unkempt properties

AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC) -- Austin's planning and zoning committee has identified 3 homes in disrepair and is looking for the city council's help to correct violations.

"I've reviewed a number of these with the council previously and I got direction from the council at the past meeting that they want us to proceed with the legal action in getting them resolved and get them taken care of," said Craig Hoium, Austin Community Development Director.

According to Hoium, the city followed up on more than 1,200 complaints about dilapidated properties last year.  Though that number was relatively high, Hoium said far fewer have been reported this year.  He said this kind of enforcement is to prevent adverse effects of dilapidated houses in Austin neighborhoods.

"I think we have a very aggressive program here in Austin in getting those matters resolved," said Hoium.  "If you look at any ordinance it's for the public health and welfare of the community and it's even a good economic development tool."

Hoium said the city has talked with these property owners and they are looking to resolve the issue.  Once the city council decides the future of these three properties, the owners will be allotted a certain amount of time to comply with city codes.

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