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On the Road - Cannon Falls


CANNON FALLS, Minn. (KTTC) -- We begin our tour with a river because this is how the town began. French fur traders called the rushing stream "River of Canoes." But to local ears, the French word for canoe sounded more like cannon, hence the Cannon River.

Today, the 19.7 mile Cannon Valley trail runs right alongside it. We're visiting on a cool, quiet morning, but 100,000 people are drawn to the trail each year. Train Manager Scott Roepke says, "It's the beauty of the bluffs and the valley and the Cannon River. The beauty also includes all the wildlife and wildflowers you will see."      

The city was established in 1854 and many of the buildings here are almost that old.  In the year 2000, 29 buildings in downtown Cannon Falls were added to the Register of Historic Places. Most of them were built between 1880 and 1915.

Cynthia Parker gave us a tour of the Quill and Quilt Bed and Breakfast. She showed us how original features like the antiques and the woodwork. The B&B was built by Doctor A. T. Conley, a prominent physician who was also the first person in Cannon Falls to own a car.

Cynthia says, "Amazingly this house was built without electricity and without plumbing. Right now we have gone from zero bathrooms to seven."

Political history was made here in August of 2011 when President Obama came to town as part of a three day bus tour. His speech may have made for some "spirited" stories shared over a glass of wine at the Cannon River Winery. Corinne Revsbeck is the marketing manager of the Winery, "We have 22 wines here using 16 varieties of grapes that we grow out in our vineyard; cold, hardy grape varieties. Some we mix with California, some Washington so everyone gets a flavor they like. A lot of our wines are 100%  Minnesota grown."  

Before we leave town, we "pair" that Minnesota wine with a different sort of treat. You can taste "True Pickles" at the local hardware store.  Another unique discovery you'll find in Cannon Falls. 


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