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Temporary workers the trend in Rochester and nationwide

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -- The job market has certainly seen its ups and downs in the past few years, and now a new report shows an unexpected trend. More businesses are hiring temporary workers instead of permanent staff members nationwide.

Government numbers show that temporary workers are being hired at a record pace, at the highest level since 1990. Rochester is not immune to the concept of these hirings, but at what rate is that taking place?

"As business has become more uncertain, it has really been the foundation for the change and why more and more businesses are turning to temporary employment," said Jeff Jensen, the general manager of Express Employment Professionals.

Express is a firm in Rochester that places people in specific jobs. Jensen is noticing a specific change that could explain the increase in temporary hires.

"As the employer-employee relationship has really evolved over the past couple of decades, there's less of that loyalty factor on both sides and less and less of that 'employment for life' mentality that our parents and grandparents enjoyed," Jensen said.

Rochester is no different from the national statistics, with industries like I.T. and the medical field utilizing more temporary workers versus permanent hires. Yet, it is not just the big businesses that hire short term.

"More and more small businesses and more and more other industries are getting involved in the contract labor as well," Jensen said.

These statistics come only months after Destination Medical Center legislation will bring jobs to Rochester.

The question now is what kind of jobs will they be?

"I think we'll have a great new deal of job development in the Rochester area," predicts Jensen. "A growing trend will probably be a higher percentage of those contractor and contingent labor because of the ever-changing environment that we're in."

It is an environment that has no intention of ever staying the same.

Jensen said that the changes in business today are so fast that businesses do not necessarily know what they are going to need in terms of work over the long-term, which is why this trend of temporary workers may be sticking around for an extended period of time.
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