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UPDATE: FEMA assesses flood damage in Houston County

CALEDONIA, Minn. (FOX 47) -- FEMA is getting a closer look at flood damage in Houston County Tuesday as damage assessments are underway to help get flood zones federal aid.

The assessment team had about 30 stops on the list in Houston County alone to estimate a dollar figure on how much damage was done to see what kind of assistance, if any, will come from the federal government.

Last month's floods turned creeks into rivers and crumbled once drivable highways. Tuesday afternoon was the day for federal, state, and local officials to meet and tour what was left behind by the devastating floods.

"They're working in a joint effort with the local and state municipalities to make sure that every damaged piece of property is detailed," said William Lindsay of FEMA.

Once that damage is detailed, experts will estimate the total cost surveyed in person.

"We can take this data to the state and then in their efforts to provide the governor the basis for requesting a disaster declaration," Lindsay said.

If the total estimates of the damage exceed a threshold of 7.266 million dollars statewide, the process will continue and emergency management will prepare the governor's request for a Disaster Declaration.

"It looks like a culvert, what could have been a little bridge way and as you can see it is washed out," Lindsay said.

Damages of all scales are documented in the effort to providing the communities affected some extra help.

FEMA representatives will also be in Fillmore County on Wednesday.

Preliminary damage assessments will take place at 101 Fillmore Street in Preston, beginning at 9 a.m.

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