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Neighbors raise concerns of new development in Rochester


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC)--At Rochester's City Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, dozens of concerned neighbors showed up to voice their opposition to some of the plans for a new development in Southwest Rochester.

The Scenic Oaks Lakeville General Development Plan proposes to build an access road across city-owned wetlands.  Some neighbors say they don't oppose more houses being built, they're concerned about how it will be built.

"I'm concerned that if the council doesn't put provisions on the plan, that verbal promises from the developer may not be followed through on," said Betsy Baker, a Scenic Oaks resident.

One of the biggest concerns of neighbors is the extension of roads that would cut through protected wet-lands and add more traffic.

"The new development will have about 100 new residences so that will add about 200 cars that will have to access our roads," said Tamara Alexandrov, a Scenic Oaks resident.  "I think that will introduce an owners burden to our neighborhood."

Some say, the new development would be accessible through other area roads.

"Those two alternate access roads make the road through the wetlands irrelevant," said Raymond Iezzi, a Scenic Oaks resident.  "We believe that the development will be served well by those two alternate access roads and we can protect our natural wetlands."

Last night's meeting lasted more than 4 hours and no conclusion was reached, so they will be meeting again to discuss the development.

KTTC reached out to developer, Mark Hanson, but he was not available for comment.

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