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10 Who Make A Difference: Madeline Van Ert


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- One teenager is offering her time and service to enhance the lives of others in the community. Madeline Van Ert is our latest '10 Who Make a Difference' honoree.

Van Ert's involvement in the community has no limits when it comes to volunteering.

Van Ert has worked to set up programs that allow high school students to become more active in community service.

Her recent accomplishment involves starting a pilot program at Folwell Elementary School called Fine Arts for Kids that offers lessons in fine arts to children in need.

Van Ert says these lessons are important to teach children at a young age.

"They're at such an impressionable age right now and with all the cuts that are happening with their schooling that's not their priority right now is getting them and getting those things outside of the core like math and science and stuff like that. And so if they do have an interest that would maybe cost a lot of money or something that they couldn't do outside of the schooling system. And if they aren't getting that in school they're probably not even going to focus on that or even know it's there," Van Ert said.

Thanks for all you do, Madeline. And congratulations on being one of our '10 Who Make A Difference'!

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