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Devastating floods sweep through Fillmore County


MABEL, Minn. (KTTC) -- Parts of southeast Minnesota are still recovering Monday morning after floodwaters fill homes and wash away entire roadways over the weekend.

Some communities were devastated as fast moving water caused millions of dollars worth of damage.

The damage was considerable and widespread throughout Fillmore County. 

It looked like a tornado went through the small town of Riceford, just northeast of Mabel as the flood waters twisted metals around whatever trees were left standing.

"You never thought in this area we would get it," said Riceford resident Liz Lund.

The sounds of rushing water

"The rain just kept coming and coming," said Lund.

Brought on by days and days of repeated heavy rain turned normally tame creeks into angry raging rivers.

"2:00 in the morning we started taking pictures," said Lund.

The water was rising in Liz's yard, but nowhere near her trailer to that point. After taking a 30 minute nap, Liz's husband informed her that the trailer was gone.

"73 foot trailer that had all my dads stuff that I inherited when he died, everything gone. And then our vehicles were underwater on top of it," said Lund.

Possessions aside, the sight of what water can do was enough to send shock waves through the town.

"I was scared," said Andy Sollien

During the height of the storm Andy Sollien was driving family and friends home from a Wedding in Caledonia.

They all got home safely, but the waters in the Riceford Creek continued to rise, taking everything in it's path and tossing them hundreds of yards down stream like toys.

At a nearby Hidden Bluffs Resort one family left a night early because the storms were so bad on Friday night. It was there intention to meet family in the morning for a big breakfast. They came to found out the campsite was evacuated shortly after Midnight Sunday morning.

For a lot of people in the area, this latest episode of flooding is bringing back memories of another recent flood that no one wanted to resurface.

Liz's husband has lived in that area for 53 years and said he has never seen anything like what he witnessed early Sunday morning.


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