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10 Who Make a Difference: PRISM


PLAINVIEW, Minn. (KTTC) -- Each night this week on KTTC, we're highlighting one of this year's winners of the "10 Who Make a Difference" awards and a talented group of teens is in the spotlight on Friday. They're at PEM High School and they're in an anti-bullying group called PRISM.

The students use skits to demonstrate what bad behavior looks like. Their coach Deb Algadi said they use their own experiences, training by the Diversity Council and field trips to ethnic stores and events to get a better understanding of other cultures.

"I'm extremely proud of them, they are like an extension of my own family, they come in weekends sometimes and evenings practicing late, have a passion for what they do, often from personal experience," Algadi said.

Algadi says these young people's anti-bullying skits are different every year and are a part of PEM's Diversity Fair.

She says the students have a passion for their message -- that we are all uniquely different and special in our own ways -- and all need to understand each other.

The PRISM youth from PEM will be honored next Wednesday at the main stage at Rochesterfest at 1 p.m.


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