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Celebrating Flag Day


WINONA, Minn. (KTTC) -- 

We all recognize the American flag, but Friday Americans are paying especially close attention to it.

That's because Friday is flag day.

A flag boldly waves outside of the National Eagle Center.

The Bald Eagle is another sign of our country and our freedom that we have here.

As we approach Independence Day, Flag Day is another time that we as a nation set aside to deliberately reflect on our citizenship.

While we may not think about how these symbols came to be known, at one time it was a point of great discussion.

"There was some discussion early in our history about what should be our national symbol," said Eileen Hanson from the National Eagle Center. "People are familiar sometimes with that story of Ben Franklin thought the turkey might be a good national symbol. People talked against the eagle thinking that it had some drawbacks but as we've grown as a country I think that we've grown to really appreciate the freedom and strength that the eagle represents."

Some in Rochester also celebrated Flag Day.

The Elks Lodge held a ceremony at Soldiers Field Memorial this afternoon.

At the ceremony they displayed flags from throughout the country's history including an oral history about each one.

Flag Day wasn't officially established until 1949 and it's not considered a federal holiday.

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