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St. Charles family loses 10 trees in storm


ST. CHARLES, Minn. (KTTC) -- Proof of just how strong Mother Nature can be. Trees torn out the ground... effortlessly.

Storm Victim Jay Munsch says, "It happened so fast, you don't know."

In St. Charles, minor flooding in the city park. Just across the street strong winds brought down several trees at the home of the Munsch family. The scariest part was just how close one tree came to hitting Jay.

He explains, "She said to get her flowers off the porch. I walked out, it picked me up and threw me against the side of the house and then trees started falling."

Seven trees toppled in the storm but even a few of those that were still standing this morning were lost.

Jay and Carol tell us, "We were told they had to be taken down or they were going to come down. They were leaning badly towards the house. The ground was heaving up on the west side of them."

A job so big they had to call in help from St. Charles Tree Service. They're looking at the bright side of the storm. Leroy Kieffer helps out his son and at 79 years old and is going strong.

Kieffer explains the danger of trying to remove trees without the right equipment saying, "There's a lot of people that try it but they end up having accidents doing it."

Jay says they plant to replant but this summer they'll miss all the privacy and shade the trees provided.

He says, "We'll never be able to replace them. At least not in our lifetime."

Even though they lost some of the beauty of their yard, Carol says they could have lost a lot more.

Carol says, "Looking back at it we are very lucky. It could have taken our house very easily. We're very lucky that my husband was able to make it back in. The tree was within inches of him."

Jay and Carol say they will particularly miss one tree that was destroyed. They planted it together about 15 years ago and have been watching it grow.

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