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May 9 ... The Appetizers

Chef Jim of Wildwood Sports Bar & Grill Chef Jim of Wildwood Sports Bar & Grill

Recipe for Duck Breast Poppers

6 Jalapeno's Cut in Half Lengthwise and  Seeded
3oz. cream Cheese cut in half ounce Rectangles
2 Duck Breast  Sliced in 6 Pieces Each
6 pieces of Bacon cut in half
8oz Raspberry Ranch (Recipe Follows)

Take a half Jalapeno Stack 1 piece of Cream Cheese, 1 Piece of Duck Breast .  Take 1 half piece of bacon and wrap around it Secure with Toothpick.  Repeat until with all 12

400 Degree grill
Grilled on indirect heat for about 15 minutes
Arrange on plate with Sauce for Dipping

Recipe for Dip

1 cup  Ranch Dressing 
1 pint  Fresh Raspberries
Blend together 

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