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Public art studio Creative Salon moves to new location


ROCHESTER, Minn. (Fox 47) -- If you noticed a unique sign on top of a building in downtown Rochester, it's a new space for local artists to display their work. The Creative Salon recently moved from their old space on Broadway to 1st Avenue SW.
 They opened their doors Monday. We went downtown to check it out.
The Creative Salon is striving to be the art hub-bub of downtown Rochester.
 "I think it ties directly in with C4's ultimate mission and that's the exposure of arts in Rochester," said Cameron Huntington, a member of C4 or Concerned Citizens For a Creative Community.
It's free space for budding and seasoned artists alike.
 "If an artist is interested in utilizing the space, if they contact us, we can set them up with a space and they can use it for no fee," said Sean Allen of the C4 Board of Directors.
 The last gallery was on Broadway, but it recently one block away.
 "Business owners in downtown Rochester have been fantastic to work with. This particular space is owned by Helen Rowland," Allen said.
 The space is empty right now but soon, the walls will be filled with the work of local artists.
 "The Cobb" is occupying the front of the gallery.
 "It's an Internet radio station," Allen said. "It just started a few weeks ago. It's streaming live every day. You can see, the logo here is a big corn cob, just like the corn cob water tower. People can also come up with their own radio shows. We'd love to have new radio shows starting all the time." 
Outside, local artists are encouraged to help in painting a large mural on the south side of the building. They're hoping to eventually paint a mural that will cover the entire parking lot.
 "There's a lot of artists in Rochester just looking for an opportunity to show their work and work with other artists in Rochester," said Ryan Balow, a site and volunteer coordinator.
 The Creative Salon space promises to offer budding artists a place to expand their wings, learn from other artists and give the community a chance to appreciate their work.
 "And we want to make sure people know that there's plenty of artists here in town that want to get noticed and there's plenty of excellent creative talent that can be showcased here," Huntington added.
The space is available for anyone looking to book a concert or art show, as long as the scheduled time is available.
 For more information, you can visit C4's web site at


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