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Flood predictions after the storm

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Thursday's snow has caused problems all across the region between power outages, falling trees and slick roads.

After record flooding in our area in recent years, some are concerned what this snow could do once its melted into our rivers

About two and a half years ago in Zumbro Falls and Hammond were severely damaged by record flood waters.

Friday we talked to Zumbro Falls Mayor Al Christenson about the destruction floodwaters caused in his community.

"Down in Zumbro Falls we had quite the flood a couple years ago, and its amazing how quickly the water can come up how quickly it can come through and what damage it can do in a very short time," Christenson said.

This year flooding isn't expected to be nearly that bad.

The Root River near Houston is expected to hit a crest 12.3 feet between May 5 and 6. That is still below the level for minor flooding.

Along the Mississippi, a crest of 13.9 feet is predicted at Lake City between May 6 and 7.

In Wabasha a crest of 12.1 feet is expected just a day later between May 7 and 8 and that will bring the level just over into the minor flooding stage

On the Zumbro River at Lake Zumbro a crest of 922.38 feet is expected on May 6. That is just getting near the minor flood stage.

Currently on the South Fork of the Zumbro river at Rochester the water level is 4.65 feet and flood stage is at 14 feet.

These levels are updates as of Friday, but the numbers could go up if we get another day or more of heavy precipitation.

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