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NewsCenter Extra: Having My Babies


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- When it come to having babies, whether you're talking about fatigue, stretch marks, weight gain, post-partum depression, or a c-section, pregancy leaves its mark on a woman.

That's the price of bearing children.

Yet there are some women making the same sacrifices - so other families can recognize their dreams of having children.

These women are called carriers and for one Rochester family it's the answer they've been looking for.

This summer Eric and Amy Henderson will head home from the hospital with not one but two brand-new bundles of joy.

Amy Henderson says, "I woke up on Christmas morning and I'm one of five kids and I thought I don't want Sophie to be all by herself on Christmas Day."

About four years ago Sophie became the newest member of the Henderson family. After losing their first child about halfway through the pregnancy, doctors weren't sure if Amy's body could sustain a pregnancy.

Amy says, "After she was born Eric and I made a decision that we wouldn't try to carry anymore children."

The Henderson's spent a couple years on the roller coaster of adoption, they decided to use a gestational carrier.

Carrier Kelley Larson says, "I'm a little over half-way and I'm as big as I was when I gave birth to my kids."

Larson is carrying twins, a baby boy and a baby girl.

Kelley explains, "I wouldn't say I love it but I am really good at it."

Amy says, "Everybody's excited. Then when they hear that it's twins, they're like 'holy cow twins' and it's like 'ya, holy cow, it's twins!'"

The idea occured to Kelley after the birth of her son. From that moment she knew she eventually wanted to help another family realize their dreams of bringing biological children into the world.

Kelley says, "I didn't know anyone that was having trouble getting pregnant or anything in my life. I honestly just feel like it was something that was put in my spirit to do. We live on this planet for such a short amount of time and what a radical thing that I could do in my life here."

The Henderson's were able to provide the embrios, meaning the twins are full-siblings to Sophie.

Kelley says, "I feel like it's a pretty black and white thing. I think women can either do it or not do it. Because I felt like I could then how could I not was kind of my feeling."

But not everyone accepts the idea right away.

Kelley explains, "They're like how can you do that? How can you carry a baby or in my situation babies and just give them away at the end of it? I think that if the shoe was on the other foot I would hope someone would do this for me."

Kelley is happily married to her husband of 6 years.

She says, "I feel very fulfilled in my life. I have three of my own kids and I think it would be a different story if I wanted more kids."

The problem many women would run into is the bond that's often formed during the 9 months of pregnancy making it nearly impossible to part with the children after the birth. Kelley says for her it's not an issue that she has a grasp on the reality of her situation.

Kelley says, "They're not mine. From the very beginning, they're not my babies."

Amy says, "It means a lot to us because this is something I'm not able to do myself and I could never thank her enough for all that she's done."

Even though Kelley isn't the mother and isn't related in any way, for this short time Kelley plays a crucial part in the lives of the Henderson's children.

Kelley says, "When all is said and done I will happily pass two babies off to Amy and Eric."

Amy says, "We'll be able to explain to them, you are our biological babies but yet someone carried you for us and gave you life that I'm not able to do."

Two babies who are to be born by means that even in our lifetime was once nothing more than a dream.

It's up to the families and carriers to work out the details with a lawyer.

They must decide whether or not they will maintain a relationship with the carrier after the birth, payment and more.

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