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Razor blade incident may lead to courthouse metal detectors


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Peter Bandy is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation at Saint Marys Hospital in Rochester after trying to slash his wrist during an Olmsted County District Court sentencing for a sex crime on Thursday.  His action could have a far-reaching effect on all future court proceedings and everyone who tries to enter one of the city's courtrooms.

Sheriff Dave Mueller is reviewing all court security procedures and is considering whether to turn to metal detectors to screen people going into court.

"I saw him fiddling with it, and told him 'put that away', but then I saw he got the cardboard off it," said defense attorney Gary Gittus.  "Then he walked around the table and started cutting his own wrist, so I jumped on him and wrestled it away."

Gittus said he's grateful that probation officers Joe Vogel and Jeff True helped him control Bandy and get the weapon away from him.

Bandy, 77, was being sentenced by Judge Debra Jacobson for Criminal Sexual Conduct - 5th Degree - Lewd Exhibition for an incident that happened back in June of 2012.  He pleaded guilty to the charge on February 20 after having been ordered to have no contact with persons under age 18.  He did suffer a cut in the courtroom incident on Thursday but it was described as a minor injury.

"We've had discussions about metal detectors," said Sheriff Mueller. "We're in the process of reviewing our procedures.  Deputies responded to the alarm call from the courtroom and it seems you can never respond soon enough."

The sheriff said his staff is referring their investigation reports to the county attorney's office for possible criminal charges against Bandy for having a dangerous weapon in the courtroom.

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