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DMC could bring new possibilities of weekend shoppers

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- The Destination Medical Center bill could have some downtown store owners reconsidering their store hours if it brought an influx of visitors on the weekend as intended.

"We're closed on Sundays.  Saturdays are very quiet.  The amount of traffic is probably one-tenth of what we see during the week.  That's a huge change," said Georgia Hurley.

Hurley owns "Baby Baby" and "The Dove" in Rochester.  She said business in Rochester on the weekends reflects more like a "Monday or Tuesday at the mall." If DMC were to be passed through State  Legislature, Rochester would receive funds that would go towards expanding the City's infrastructure as Mayo Clinic expands their facilities.

"It's exciting and it's scary at the same time, to know what it will all mean," said Hurley.  "Will we be moved out by some of the big box stores?  Or can we keep Rochester unique?  The local artists, the local flavor that brings in some very unique things from all over the world.  We know our things go all over the world."

Funding for parking,  public transit and public meeting spaces would also be made available, which might encourage some local businesses to extend their hours.


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